When “American Residential Services” was looking for a unique program for motivating their sales representatives and service providers, they leveraged their relationship with the NFL and the Pro Bowl in Hawaii to create an exciting promotion. This logo was developed for the product launch of the new assault series crossbow. The logo has an aggressive feel that represents the tactical innovative features of the CX4. This logo design incorporates clean modern typography, simple iconography and bold color to create a strong brand identity. The continuous flow of the typography evokes the feeling seamless audio and video production services. This logo was developed for an alternative dispute resolution company to represent the process in which parties to a dispute work with an impartial third party mediator to help them reach a settlement. This logo is designed to be simple and clean, from the treatment of the typography to the use of the leaf icon. The color use represents water, sky and land. We developed the materials for the re-branding of the Qwest Communications employee referral program known as “Yes You Can”. A new name, new logo, and a bold new look is the key to energizing existing employees about the enhanced program for 2009 and beyond. We developed the concept for a traveling sweepstakes bus, designed to bring the virtues of Qwest High-speed wireless internet service to unexpected locations and educate potential customers along the way. Southwest Airlines was looking for a way to enhance and reinvigorate the image of their brand by developing an employee program of branded merchandise available via the web and employee store. The designed merchandise graphics leverage the current trends in the retail fashion industry. We helped USSA create a spa-like oasis to reward their customers at specific events focusing on military moms. This area within the sponsored event is merchandised with tall banners to create a destination with massage chairs, a chocolate fountain, and a cappuccino bar. We designed this identity and branding for this catering company. The simple olive icon and symbol compliments the clean, two-toned typography treatment. When Volkswagen wanted to sponsor the most popular MLS soccer team, DC United, they wanted to create unique dealer activities, in-stadium events, and promotional overlays.
VW targeted MLS soccer fans because the brands' core values are very similar. Passion, dedication, and loyalty makes each of these brands unique and create the perfect partnership. This Nationwide Bank promotional logo was designed to capture the excitement of the sweepstakes by leveraging a dynamic, dimensional design. The use of brand colors helped unify a wide range of creative elements and executions.