About Us

Who We Are

We are a brand-building design firm that employs a disciplined approach to design, retail merchandising, and promotion. We blend strategic message placement and powerful graphic design to create dynamic and targeted solutions to build brands. This discipline maximizes the opportunities to successfully communicate with customers in a way that is relevant and fosters ideas that resonate and result in success.

What We Do

Our core competency is strategic consumer communications, brand-building, and graphic design focused in the following areas of strategic creative development:

● Packging
● Print
● Events
● Merchandising
● Web
● Identity

Our Merchandising Strategy
The Right Message at the Right Time

We employ a proprietary methodology to ensure the appropriate and relevant messaging within the retail environment. The key to this strategy is...“the right message at the right time”.

This strategy is a philosophy that is developed to take advantage of the opportunity to communicate efficiently and effectively with consumers.

Why Implement a Strategy?

● It’s a philosophy adopted to insure the appropriate creation and placement of messages within the retail environment.

● Capitalizing on an opportunity to communicate with customers in their own “backyard” is more valuable than all other marketing vehicles combined.

● The “right message at the right time” translates to communicating to customers with consideration for their location and mindset within the store environment.

How to Implement a Strategy

● Understanding the environment gives us insight into how customers act within the retail environment.

● Designating zones allows us to create unique spaces within the store based on the customer’s mindset, actions, and needs.

● Determining goals insures the messages are clear, focused, and strategically on-target.

● Developing a strategy for all messaging clearly defines the objectives and sets a standard for future messaging efforts.

Understanding the Environment

Understanding the environment is just the beginning. Taking advantage of the retail environment is the key to successfully communicating with customers and creating targeted solutions.