Carbon Express, the industry leader in carbon-fiber archery products, displays and sells their products in all of the largest outdoor retailers throughout the U.S. To maximize sales and communicate the innovative product features, we developed powerful and engaging POP materials to display their products. These displays were designed to maximize the floor-space in Gander Mountain stores. From two-sided displays to end cap applications, these designs leverage Carbon Express’s bold brand assets to create dynamic display options. Designed to leverage the celebrity endorsement of Lee and Tiffany Lekosky as well as the CRUSH arrow, designed and engineered by Carbon Express, this display incorporates impactful side panels that communicate this unique, co-branded product. From end cap displays to stand-alone display shippers, this modular design allowed for the flexibility of many retail applications. This display header was designed to merchandise Carbon Express arrows as well as communicate the competitive advantages and innovative technology of their arrow selection. This design leverages their bold brand architecture and core brand imagery. Kraft was looking to position their new barbecue sauce between the original sauce and their premium sauces. We designed this product package and these in-store materials to compliment the taste of this new, spicy, and bold-flavored sauce. We created the strategy and the creative development for the POP and merchandising elements for all McDonald’s Latin America Happy Meal programs. We designed a series of signage and merchandising elements to support this sweepstakes game. The bold, silhouetted graphic is used to provide iconic continuity for all the promotional materials. The simplistic color palette reinforces the ease of playing and the brightness of the color attracts consumers to the fun energy of the game. In order to drive traffic to the EPOD kiosk during the high-traffic holiday season at shopping malls, we created signage and collateral for a sweepstakes and gift-with-purchase opportunity. We designed merchandising elements to promote the St. Ives sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team. A dimensional display helped promote a gift-with-purchase opportunity for consumers at retail locations. We helped USSA create a spa-like oasis to reward their customers at specific events focusing on military moms. This area within the sponsored event is merchandised with tall banners to create a destination with massage chairs, a chocolate fountain, and a cappuccino bar.